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Results are entered in an Excel-like grid where entries can be sorted and/or entered by round, table, pair number, or result.

Results can be entered board by board from a traveller or round by round from barometer score slips.

You can select to enter results with or without the final zero.

Depending on the selected movement, results can be entered in an on-screen traveller with pre-entered pair numbers or by entering North-South's pair number which gives East-West according to the selected movement. If you select to run a contest without a movement, both pair numbers must be entered.

The result entry grid allows easy changes in case of errors. The score tables are automatically recalculated to reflect the changes.

Along the result entry all entered results are being validated. High results that are questionable (+650 where -650 has been entered) call for a validation, as do results with questionable vulnerability (+790 when non-vulnerable; most likely +590). Impossible results can be confirmed. The vulnerability verification can be turned off.

If you want you can enter contracts instead of just the result which leads to fancier print-outs.