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Tomas Brenning
Tel:     +46 171 47 50 37
Fax:     ---
Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-Åkerby 2
SE-745 99  Enköping

Alternate e-mail address:

DDS (Double Dummy Solver) was created by Bo Haglund of Stockholm, Sweden. Visit the DDS web site.

DDS is a software package that comes for free, licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License). Many thanks to Bo for the invaluable help in integrating double dummy analysis in Magic Contest.

To analyse a hand record, do the following:

  • Click Contest menu and select View hand record
  • Click File and select Import to import a hand record
  • Click File and select Make double dummy analysis

Once the analysis is done all printouts and internet output will contain the double dummy analysis in the shape of a grid with maximum number of tricks possible for each declarer in each suit.

DDS will be included in Magic Contest from version

Magic Contest can import PBN files with the latest tags:

  • OptimumScore
  • OptimumContract
  • OptimumResultTable

Currently Jannersten's BOS concept (Bridge Organizing Software) analyses hand records and exports PBN files using those tags. Magic Contest also uses those tags when exporting PBN files.