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Tomas Brenning
Tel:     +46 171 47 50 37
Fax:     ---
Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-Åkerby 2
SE-745 99  Enköping

Alternate e-mail address:

This website is slowly migrating to Read more about sending e-mails from Magic Contest.



Technically, there are two different ways of sending e-mails directly from Magic Contest (read more to your right):
  • Use Outlook Express
  • Use built-in e-mail support

This can be used in various ways:

  • Report contest to website and send the created files to all players of the field
  • Report contest to ECats and automatically send results file for scoring
  • Send a contest file to any recipient of your choice
  • Ask for support

Report contest
When you report a contest there are several files that can be created. Among those are website reports, PBN files or text files. If you tick the E-mail checkbox (at the bottom) all reported files will be sent to all players in the starting list (read more to your right).

Report contest to ECats
This is by far the best way to report a contest to ECats. The report files will be created and sent to ECats without any manual work. The ECats scoring engine will take care of the files and present scores within ten minutes of the report.

Send a contest file through e-mail
If you have scored a contest and you want to send it to someone you can click Contest menu, select Send to, and select E-mail recipient. This opens up a window where you can form your e-mail. The contest file will be automatically attached to the e-mail.

If you scored the contest with Bridgemate you can tick the Bridgemate checkbox to attach the Bridgemate database to your e-mail.

Ask for support
Click Contest menu, select Help, and select one of the two help options (with or without the contest file) and an e-mail will be sent to the official e-mail support address.








Use Outlook Express
This requires that you have Outlook Express installed on your computer with a functioning e-mail account.
   During the e-mail process there will be an Outlook Express window opening that says that an external program is trying to send e-mails. Just click Send in this window.
   Depending on your Outlook Express settings you may or may not have to click Send inside Outlook Express. This depends on the setting for sending e-mails directly.

Use built-in e-mail support
A much more elegant way of sending e-mails is to enter your e-mail settings directly in Magic Contest. What happens is that Magic Contest will communicate directly over the internet with your e-mail provider so that the e-mails are sent without any further delay.
   This requires a few settings. Click Contest menu and select:

  • Options for all new contests
  • General
  • E-mail tab
  • Enter e-mail settings
       Enter the fields the same way you would have in your e-mail program. Now Magic Contest is set up to send e-mails automatically.

    E-mail addresses in the member file
    If you want to send the contest report to all players of the starting list you need to, in this order, do the following:
  • Save their e-mail addresses in the member file. Do this through the Find player button.
  • Enter the starting list from the member file. This will make sure that the e-mail addresses are imported into the contest.
    After this has been set up you can use Report contest together with E-mail to send all contest reports to all players of the starting list.