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Tomas Brenning
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Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-Åkerby 2
SE-745 99  Enköping

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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to publish contest results on your website. Normally Magic Contest creates the result files and then special programs are required for the publishing.

However, Magic Contest can be set up to automatically do both the reporting and the publishing. This can be used to publish different types of reports such as:

  • Normal website reports
  • PBN, TXT, hand records, etc
  • Current standing
For this to work you need to enter certain FTP data such as user name, password, remote folder, etc. Read more to your right.

The publishing can be triggered in three different ways:

  • Report contest
  • Import Bridgemate results
  • Click Current standing

Report contest
When you report a contest there are several files that can be created. Among those are website reports, PBN files, text files and more.

Select Contest menu-Report contest. Then tick the FTP checkbox (at the bottom) and click OK. All reported files will be published on your website.

Import Bridgemate results
Every time Bridgemate results are imported you can also publish them on your website.

There are two types of reports that can be generated by a Bridgemate import (see Bridgemate (report) settings to your right):

  • Website (including PBN, etc)
  • Current standing
They can be sent to your website independent of the other.

Current standing
Current standing can be created in three different ways:

  • Import Bridgemate results
  • Click Current standing
  • Result menu-Current standing-...
This means that is does not matter if Current standing is created automatically through Bridgemate import or manually through the checkbox or Result menu.

Note! Even if Current standing is created manually the Bridgemate settings decide whether the report is published or not.

Enter FTP information
Click Contest menu and select:

  • Options for all new contests
  • General
  • FTP tab
    Enter the fields the same way you would have in your FTP program. Now Magic Contest is set up to publish files automatically.

    Bridgemate (report) settings
    Click Contest menu and select:

  • Bridgemate
  • Properties
  • Bridgemate (report) tab
    The two bottom-right checkboxes (Website and Current standing) decide what report(s) will be published on your website.