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Alternate e-mail address:

The below information is slightly outdated even though it is completely accurate. My recommendation is instead to read this e-mail that was sent to a representative of a bridge federation.

Magic Contest knows nothing about calculating master points or rating points. Rules differ from country to country and implementing all of them would be too complicated.

Instead, Magic Contest offers exchange of data with any bridge federation according to a well-defined file specification. This, of course, requires adjustments to that bridge federation's data system.

The idea is that Magic Contest sends a contest report to the bridge federation. This contest report contains contest data like date and name of the event, member numbers, ranks and scores. When the contest report has reached the bridge federation, that data is used to calculate master points and rating points according to that country's master point rules.

The file specification also includes how to send member lists from the federation database to the clubs in order to use the member numbers for entering names.

Demo version
Reporting master points is not available in the Magic Contest demo version.